Magic happens at the confluence of science and spirituality.

Younite Now is being led by Matias Fritsch, a young Mexican man who is bent on creating a world that is kinder and more conscious. After realizing how everything in the universe is connected like they are all growing trees that are connected to one consciousness, Fritsch began further exploring his ideas through research and his talks with different scientists across the globe. Today, Fritsch continues to run Younite Now as a platform for empowering people to connect with each other and their surroundings in order to spread greater awareness around this ideology.

Younite Now hopes that by continuing to spread awareness about this project we can all start understanding how a better future for everyone is within reach. Matias Fritsch and the Younite Now team are working hard to make this idea a reality. The saying: “We need to light up the world,” doesn’t just mean that we need to inspire people to do their best but also, and most importantly, foster the notion that we all have the power within us to change things which leads us to come together as one species on this planet with one goal! If you would like to become part of history, feel free to join this movement by becoming part of our community.


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